Mindful Sex

The Guardian has a good article out (here) introducing mindful sex by feature author Emine Saner. Pointing out the technique has been used for other issues, Saner reports on the prevalence of sexual problems before introducing mindfulness. She then introduces mindfulness, including a quick exercise to begin exploring mindfulness. Saner then talks about the use of mindfulness in addressing sexual dissatisfaction and problems quoting Brotto’s book Better Sex Through Mindfulness.

Overall Saner has written a quick introduction to mindfulness and sex. This could be a good article to have as an primer on the subject for clients.

Quick excerpt…
Mindful Sex: could it put an end to unhappiness in bed?
At its most basic, [Brotto] explains, mindfulness is defined as “present-moment nonjudgmental awareness. Each of those three components are critical for healthy sexual function. For a lot of women who report low desire, lack of response and low arousal in particular, all three of those domains are problematic.” Being “present” is critical. “Then there is the nonjudgmental part – countless studies have shown that people who have sexual difficulties tend also to have very negative and catastrophic thoughts: ‘If I don’t respond, my partner will leave me,’ or: ‘If I don’t have an adequate level of desire, I’m broken.’ Mindfulness and paying attention nonjudgmentally is about evoking compassion for yourself.”


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