Seeking Truth on Sexuality

Because not everything you read about sex on the internet is the truth, we provide one resource for sex research, information & education for therapists, educators and everyone else.

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Sex Education & More For The Modern Era

It’s easy to feel inundated with sexual messages in our society, but the realty is that there are some really bad messages out there. With a mix of half-truths, misinformation, and pervasive myths perpetuated by a wide variety of sources, it can be difficult to find the facts.

Until now

We are devoted to the truth about sex. We talk about it without shame – because there simply doesn’t need to be any. Sex is a normal part of the human condition. We need to finally begin to treat it that way, and we start by talking honestly about it.

The Full Spectrum Of Human Sexuality

With more than 70 professional journals on sex related topics out there, you can get sex education on everything under the sun- sexual dysfunction, human sexuality, sexual issues and sex research, but who has the time?

We simply your life by gathering all the information we can, curated it and present it to you in a simply, readable fashion. From sex research to informed reviews, we save you time and money to provide the information you need on human sexuality.

Our goal is simple. We want to be your single resource of information for therapists, sex therapists, educators and others.


Trusted   •   Relevant   •   Practical

Keeping up to date with the most relevant sexual research is a huge time commitment. We make it easy and quick to browse topics of interest and stay current. We’ll read peer reviewed journals looking for information that’s relevant to clients. We pay particular attention to samples, methodologies, and results. We’ll discuss our findings in understandable language for information you can transfer to your clients

We know that paying close attention to the media and the news can lead to its own problems, but there are often stories related to sexuality in the news.

We curate information that may be relevant to your clients so you catch the pertinent information and can skip the filler and fluff.

Every therapist needs CEUs. We bring in engaging teachers to present workshops that are innovative, practical, and designed to meet your professional continuing education requirements.

Topics will range from recent sexual research, various topics on human sexuality and more.

Sexualis Veritas Press

From time to time we will publish material consistent with, and supporting our vision and mission.

About Your Curator

Rev. Michael R Sytsma, PhD, LPC, CST, CPCS

Dr. Sytsma’s passion for knowledge and truth has been present from childhood. Educationally he has been trained as a pastor, substance abuse counselor, community counselor, sex addictions counselor, marriage and family therapist, and sex therapist. He has been a professor at Richmont Graduate University (formerly Psychological Studies Institute) since the early 90s. and an adjunct professor at Asbury Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary. He has been a guest professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Denver Seminary, Trevecca, Rosemead, and Talbot.

Dr. Sytsma left the traditional staff pastor role in 1998 and started Building Intimate Marriages, Inc., a non-profit marriage ministry where he pastors couples guiding them toward discipleship in their marriages. He meets with about 25 couples a week and provides seminars, workshops and retreats.

In 2000, Dr. Sytsma partnered with Douglas Rosenau, Debra Taylor, and Christopher McCluskey to develop Sexual Wholeness, Inc. As part of his role in Sexual Wholeness, Dr. Sytsma took 6 months to research and write the Institute for Sexual Wholeness program – a graduate program in teaching sex therapy to Christian counselors and therapists. He resigned as Academic Dean for the program in 2015 but continues to serve as one of the core faculty for the program.


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